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Introduction to the Site

This site introduces my travel stories and some fiction for you to read or copy for personal use. However, all text is copyrighted and my exclusive intellectual property. It may not, alone or with other materials, be sold or distributed in any form without my prior written authorisation. Any failure to comply with these conditions constitutes a copyright infringement and a violation of international copyright laws.


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A Family in the Wild South West


A Family in the Wild South West (text only - for easy printing)


Canoeing New Zealand's Waikaremoana (the Sea of the Rippling Waters)


Canoeing New Zealand's Waikaremoana ( the Sea of the Rippling Waters): text only - for easy printing)


Wanganui - New Zealand's "Big Harbour" of History and Hospitality


Wanganui - New Zealand's "Big Harbour" of History and Hospitality (text only - for easy printing)


Diving In The Coral Sea

Preparing Rather Than Daring

Murky Whitsunday Islands

The Great Barrier Reef

Skirting The Reef

A Risky And A Flawless Dive

A Fun Party With A Scary Ending

Decompressing On Daydream Island


Diving in the Coral Sea (text only - for easy printing)


On Horseback In Iceland

In the Land of Leif Ericsson



An Exciting Day

A Night to Celebrate

To the Top of Heikadalsheidi

Highland Panoramas

The Blue Lagoon


On Horseback In Iceland (text only - for easy printing)


The Fascinating Diversity of Southern Australia - A Journey To Enjoy: 

Prelude in Adelaide

Journey to the Flinders Ranges - Adelaide Interlude One -

Spring Weather in Kangaroo Island - Adelaide Interlude Two - 

Broken Hill - Adelaide Interlude Three - 

From Adelaide to Melbourne - Postlude in Melbourne  


The Fascinating Diversity of Southern Australia (text only - for easy printing)


Sensuous Southern Africa:  A camping safari from Zimbabwe through Botswana and Namibia to South Africa 


Sensuous Southern Africa (text only - for easy printing)


Magic Kinabalu  (Pride of Sabah, Borneo) :  Climbing Low's Peak, 4102 m


Crossing South America:  Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile - Lima - Arequipa - Cuzco - Machu Picchu - Puno - Titikaka - Los Uros - Altiplano - La Paz - Sucre - Potosi - Uyuni - Salar de Uyuni - Tupiza - Salta - Iguazu Falls - Rio de la Plata


Crossing South America (text only - for easy printing)


Journey to the Indian Himalayas (Trekking in the Garwhal)

In Delhi

In the Plains

Corbett Country

Naini Tal

Trek into the Mountains

In the Snowy Region

Stone Paths and Rhododendron Groves

Across the Kuari Pass

Holy Cities

In the City of the Taj Mahal


Journey to the Indian Himalayas (text only - for easy printing)



Short Stories from New Zealand

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Stranger To My City


A Lesson in the Supernatural






Plunge Out Of Life


Hills Between Sunrise And Sunset




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The Third Victim of a New Year's Mystery

(A novel about the tragedy of Olivia Hope, Ben Smart -  and Scott Watson)

Chapters 1 to 3


The Second Life

(The story of a man whose loss of memory transformed his life)

Chapters 1 to 3